WashCard Evolution

Wash Card Systems

History tells the FUTURE!

  • Developed the FIRST ever card based payment system to be used at a car wash.


  • Introduced WashCard to market at Spring ICA Show
  • First systems sold in Canada
  • Began providing "Customized Logo Decals" for Wash Cards


  • First systems sold in Australia
  • Introduced Count Up feature for fleet (Business Account) customers


  • First to provide “Remote Computer Access” to car wash locations using dial up modems
  • Hamilton MFG. began pre-drilling mounting holes in ACW for WashCard Readers


  • Installed system on washers and dryers at an apartment laundry – proved too costly


Wash Depot - Fleet Wash


  • Developed First Accounting Software CardTrax for invoicing fleet customers



  • Installed system on tanning beds in tanning salon for prepaid use



  • Developed CardPro, the second generation invoicing software
  • Developed Marketing CD



  • Introduced the first Kiosk based credit card system for car washes


  • Dropped the Kiosk based credit card system for car washes due to lack of interest
  • Developed first Card Dispensing Machine (CDR) for purchasing Pre-Paid Washcards
  • Unitec introduced Wash Select II interface board for WashCard
  • Develop first RFID for Truck Wash & Auto Dealership


  • Introduced 2nd Generation CDR (Rear Load)
  • Installed first Airplane Wash



  • Introduced first “Internet based” card system - Provided low cost upgrade path for all existing systems
  • Introduced Internet based Multi-site connectivity
  • Introduced 3nd Gen CDR - First card dispensing machine to accept credit card payments


  • Produced and hosted first Car Wash specific Web sites
  • Introduced 3ed Gen Care Dispensing & Recharging Machine - the first to accept credit card payments



  • Began providing custom graphics for all equipment
  • Introduced new individual terminal controller based system
  • Earned the Leadership in Innovation Award from ICA


  • Introduced Quickbooks accounting interface (USA only) - the third generation invoicing software



  • Introduced 2nd generation terminal controller
  • Introduced Virtual Store Front (VSF) - First e-commerce portal for car washes
  • Introduced First Card based Unlimited Wash Program
  • Developed automated monthly billing software for Unlimited Wash Program


  • Began monitoring on site Car Wash WashCard SMCs using LogMeIn
  • Developed first Wireless payment terminal for use on laundry machines
  • Developed Remote Activation program


  • Introduced WashPass RFID Wash Program
  • Developed Business Management Controller Based Sales & Reporting Tools for WashPass
  • WashCard Laundry Customer voted Most Progressive Laundry by Coin Laundry Association



  • Introduced Quickbooks Bridge interface (USA) - the 4th generation of invoicing software



  • Passed PCI-DSS Validation Certification - Only validated system in laundry market
  • Remote mote monitoring of car wash internet connections and system health


Wireless/Hardwired Hybrid Kiosk


  • Introduced the first Wireless/Hardwired Hybrid Kiosk based credit card system for coin laundry
  • Complete server upgrade for PCI to Amazon Services
  • 2nd Generation Business Management Controller



  • Updated & passed PCI-DSS Validation Certification
  • Developed low cost All In One Reader 



  • Developed Wireless aiONE
  • Developed first Smart Phone based Remote Activation for Wash Operators



  • Introduced Baystation System to replace outdated meter boxes
  • Protruding Bezel Readers for Auto

Pay by Phone


  • Updated & passed PCI-DSS Validation Certification – valid to 28th October 2019
  • Introduced Customer Account Portal to support Mobile Payments
  • Introduced the Pay By Phone for credit card acceptance