Using WashCard Systems Since 1999

My name is Terry O’Keeffe.

I built my Wash Depot car wash in 1999 and have been operating it ever since. I installed WashCard systems from day one on one automatic entry system and one self-serve bay. Immediately I attracted business account customers because drivers could be issued with wash cards that when swiped at the bay started the bay equipment and recorded the transaction for invoicing. Over the next 10 years my WashCard customer base and sales grew to the extent that I has queues on the one automatic wash bay and the single self-serve bay. During that time I only had two card reader failures which were easily replaced.

So during 2009 I researched all alternative systems on the market but kept coming to WashCard Systems because most of the other providers had only recently entered the market and did not have near the experience as WashCard.

WashCard Systems pioneered card based payment systems

WashCard Systems pioneered card based payment systems in 1990 and had been (link to Evolution of the Revolution Graphic page) continually developing the system over the 10 years. Unlike other system providers who ‘develop a system’ as an add-on to their car washing equipment, WashCard’s sole business is focused 100% on developing car wash marketing systems.  That is why they are the leader in the industry, have the most systems in the car wash market place, and now have 26 years in the business. In 2003, WashCard Systems had progressed to a web based card system and had added numerous additional features and programs by 2010.

Wash Car Washdepot

Early in 2010 I upgraded to the web based system and equipped two automatic washes, four self-serve bays, two dog washes, four vacuums, four Laural electronic vending machines, plus a card dispensing and recharging machine. I run credit card acceptance, business wash account, customer loyalty, and RFID Monthly wash subscription on both automatic wash bays.

So happy with WashCard, I bought the Distribution Rights

I was so thrilled with my new WashCard System that I approached the owner (Dan Yarusso) requesting Distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand. Distribution commenced in July 2010 and I could not be happier with the service, support and developments that WashCard provide. Dan has a ‘wise head on his shoulders’ when it comes to knowing what car wash operators need, what works and what will not work, and what new technologies will be short-lived. Over the last 26 years many have tried to imitate WashCard Systems and have failed or offer inferior and short lived alternatives.

There is no substitute for knowledge!                                     

There is no substitute for experience!

There is no substitute for WashCard Systems!

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