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Self-Serve Bay Reader

Tried and Trusted Self-Serve Bay Solution

Every Location Shows Increased Spending

Our tried-and-trusted Self Service bay solution. Easily add the convenience of credit cards to your bays today! It's easy to use, includes our secure credit card processing, and includes customized bilingual messaging. You can also add fleet and automated billing options. And like all of our products, full custom graphics to match your brand.

Customers Spend Up to Twice as Much With Credit Card

Operators who add credit card acceptance to their self service bays see customers spending almost twice as much as they did when using cash. Offer your customers the convenience of using the card that is already in their wallet and skip the trip to the change machine and they will reward you with increased spending.

Use with credit card, Business Account Loyalty Washcards, pre-paid Washcards and Mobile Phones.

Self Serve Bay Reader