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Accept Payment by Mobile Phone on All Your Car Wash Services

Customers Pay More and Give You Their Names and Contact Details

The modern mobile phone has changed the way everyone does things – it’s a phone, a clock, an alarm, a calendar, a messaging system, a note book and more. Plus now it allows people to pay their bills online and to make purchases on the go. It’s the younger generation accessory of choice.

WashCard offers a Pay By Phone system that allows customers to use their smartphones to pay for their washes. It gets customers washing faster and it’s easier and more convenient for them.

Not only that, Pay By Phone is a great tool for car wash owners who want to take their marketing to the next level. You see, unless you have great staff on site, you do not know all of the names and details of the customers who use their physical credit cards to purchase from you. These details are ‘owned’ by Visa, MasterCard and the bank that issues the credit card. So that creates a real problem because once your customer leaves your car wash you have no way of communication with them, no way of cost effectively reminding them that you are around, no way of enticing them to wash more frequently or to spend more money at your car wash.

That’s where WashCard System’s Pay By Phone makes the difference. Your customers will be able to turn on the wash of their choice by selecting the wash service they'd like to use and using their phone to activate it! Customers can set up an account, provide you with their name, physical address, email address and mobile and mobile phone number so you have a database to market directly to your existing customers. They also securely store their credit card details so that they don’t have to enter the details every time they buy from you. Customers can link their Pay by Phone using their Facebook, and other social media platforms.

The Benefits of WashCard Pay By Phone

All of your car wash equipment can be equipped to make payments using credit cards with Pay By Phone irrespective of the manufacturer or model of the equipment. Some key benefits are:

  • Ability to build your own customer database
  • Push promotions on social media pages with unique codes to attract new customers
  • Upsell value packages to encourage bigger spends per visit
  • Customers can pay on demand or set up a pre-paid account charged to their credit card
  • Confirmation your customer has available funds to pay you
  • Upsell value packages to encourage bigger spends per visit
  • Issue receipts by email and/or text messages
  • Great for your new younger customers as it is their preferred form of payment
Other features include:

  • Ability to set different price to cash paying customers with value packages
  • Full detailed transaction reporting with complete audit trail

Why Having Pay By Phone Makes Great Sense

This is what Dan Yarusso founder of WashCard Systems says about customers using mobile phone to pay for car washes

2006 Starts the Evolution of Paying by Mobile Phone

WashCard Systems began the process for paying for washes in 2006.


For more information on how to increase your car wash sales through WashCard Systems car wash Pay By Phone:

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