Mad Wax Car Wash

We we're recommended to inspect the Washcard swipe card system for our car wash by one of our suppliers. We had previously been looking at credit card and swipe card systems, and had been unable to find a system that catered for both in one easy to use system.

Terry was more than happy to show us his set-up of his car wash over Skype, in which I was extremely grateful for as there were no holds barred. Terry showed us all the tricks, what works and what doesn't and didn't hide anything. It was a different sales pitch as it wasn't just about what this thing does, here come and have a look at my working operation!

We decided to go with the Washcard system as it allowed us maximum flexibility and it catered for all our objectives. The machine arrived, we unpacked it all not really knowing what to expect. Everything was supplied, it came with easy to understand instructions, and within a week we had installed the system ourselves with only very minor assistance from one of our electricians.

When it came to commissioning the system, we had the help of head branch of Washcard in USA to assist. The phone call lasted until 3am in the morning and we were able to get our system working with minimal fuss. From that point forward we were able to process credit cards and swipe cards immediately.

We have been absolutely delighted with our system.

We have been absolutely delighted with our system. Our credit card sales are improving week after week, with no impact on our cash takings. The swipe cards we have been advertising and we are seeing the take up of these growing also. We have chosen two swipe cards, a green one for retail customers and a white one for corporate clients. We are looking forward to our big campaign in November to sign up as many corporate accounts as we can.

Terry, has been a pillar of support during the entire process.

Terry, has been a pillar of support during the entire process. He willingness to experience what we are doing, how we are doing it and sharing his in return have allowed us to build a quality business line onto our car wash. Terry, didn't mind taking calls at silly hours to assist, and his after sales follow-up is second to none.

We highly recommend anyone who is considering a credit card system for their car wash to speak to Terry and install a Washcard system at your site.

Kind Regards

Andrew Fleming

Madwax Carwash
446 Hannan St
Kalgoorlie WA 6430
​29th October 2012