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To whom it may concern,

I had been looking for a loyalty card system for my car wash for a number of years. There were a few systems out there that didn't satisfy my needs - some didn't have enough reporting functionality, some couldn't be used on different types of equipment.

After seeing a flyer in the ACWA newsletter for a car wash card system I contacted Terry for more information. Terry was extremely helpful with answering my questions and showing me how the system worked via Skype. If Terry couldn't answer a particular question he got back to me quickly with an answer.

After talking to Terry I decided to go with the WashCard system as it is very flexible and offers lots of functionality for the customer and myself.

Installation was very straightforward

Installation was very straightforward, with only a few small issues that didn't hold up the overall install progress. We were given detailed instructions, wiring diagrams and a computer that was already setup and ready to go. When there was a problem Terry gave 110% to make sure we were looked after.

The WashCard system had a bit of a learning curve for me as I'm not terribly great with computers. I was happy to get help from a more tech savvy employee whenever I needed it, but Terry was also there any time I needed him too.

We did very thorough testing of the WashCard system to make sure we set it up in a way that was good for customers and good for us as a business. Because you can see each card swipe in real time it is quite easy to see if setup you have is working as you expect. Setting up the ability to take credit cards was actually very easy, and worked almost as soon as we signed up with an Australian online merchant.

After 17 months the WashCard hardware has held up quite well with only one LCD screen and a card reader failing - both inside a manual bay - most likely due to our own fault mixing electronics and water while cleaning.

WashCard has been actively maintaining their software

WashCard has been actively maintaining their software and while not completely bug free, any bugs we find are usually dealt with quickly. New functionality has been added since we first started, some of the functionality was even added at our request.

Customers have given feedback and where necessary we have made minor alterations to the WashCard system ourselves via the WashCard administration website.

We are happy to say that since installing the Wash Card system just over 17 months ago we have seen credit card use at our site increase continually. Our own two 'Wash Cards', a prepaid card and postpaid card, have been accepted by both regular car wash users and local businesses quite well with only very minimal marketing.

Terry has given us insightful ideas

Terry has given us insightful ideas and examples of different marketing material to help with marketing our WashCard system to customers.


Geoff Hoffman

Date: 11/02/13
Mobile: 0417800 769
Email: clean@cruiserscarwash.com.au
28 Darlot Steel Horsham 3400