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Credit Card Acceptance

Make it Easier for Customers to Pay You and Spend More at the Same Time!

Turn All Your Car Wash Services into Credit Card Acceptance Money Making Machines!

Don’t you hate missing out on car wash sales!

You are if you do not accept credit cards on all your car wash services. Think about it – where do you pay cash for your purchases these days? There aren’t many are there. However, if you do not accept credit cards on all your services you are demanding that your customers pay cash. And it is worse than that, you don’t accept credit cards for your car wash vacuums or car wash self service bays because you make them walk to a central change machine and break a note into $2 and $1 coins then track back to the bay or vacuum before they can even use your car wash services.

How do your customers feel? Most likely they are thinking ‘this is BS, this the only place where I have to do this!’

So the number one investment into your car wash is to fit out all your card wash services so that they can accept payment by credit card.


Firstly because customers spend more on your automatic wash, your self-serve washes, your vacuums, your dog wash and even your vending machines as they are not limited to the real money they have in their pocket.  They don’t underspend in the self-serve washes or vacuums because they have run out of change and ‘could not be bothered’ to change another note. In the automatic wash the psychological barrier of breaking a note and receiving change does not come into account with credit cards so more customers opt up to the higher level e.g. they buy the $17 wash verses the $15 wash.

The second reason is most car wash owners accept credit card at their automatic washes, but forget the self-service car wash income which can be 40% to 60% of their entire business.

Thirdly, depending upon the demographics of your location your sales for your entire car wash could increase by 5% to 15% after the first 12 months with credit card acceptance. What would 10% add to your bottom line?

And lastly it saves your customers time and everyone is in a hurry. So when the car wash down the road makes it easier and faster for customers to buy from them they will go there!

The Benefits of WashCard Credit Card Acceptance

All of your car wash equipment can be equipped to accept credit cards irrespective of the manufacturer or model of the equipment. Some key benefits are:

  • Accept credit card payment for all of your automatic entry wash options
  • Charge timed metres in the self service bays on a count up basis
  • Option to have fixed price or timed count in vacuums
  • Work a combination of minimum start up charge then a per minute charge
  • Pre-authorisation to confirm your customer has available funds to pay you
  • Set ‘credit card transaction fees’ to each transaction
Other features include:

  • Ability to set different price to cash paying customers
  • Full detailed transaction reporting with complete audit trail
Plus WashCard Systems offers two methods of car wash credit card payment:

For more information on how to increase your car wash sales through WashCard Systems car wash credit card acceptance:

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