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Dominate the Business Account Car Wash Market!

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Fully Automate the Business Account Washing Process 24/7/365

Business vehicle car washing is perhaps one of the most reliable sources of regular vehicle washing for successful car wash businesses today. There are numerous vehicles for the one account, drivers wash their vehicles more frequently to maintain their business image with clean vehicles, tend to do so more in rainy weather than other customers, and spend more per visit as the money is not coming out of their pockets. Also, the drivers are more likely to wash their private cars at your wash.

The first car wash in town to secure the business customer market will own the market!

However, most car wash owners do not make it easy for their business account customers. The two main methods for running business customer accounts is to issue a heap of tokens or to record the purchase when a driver washes. From the customer’s perspective the token system is flawed with control problems of distributing the tokens, confirming that the tokens are used or lost or used for the business vehicles. Simply put there is no audit trail. The second method of recording of the purchase confirmed with driver signature does provide more security for the customer, however quite often the driver has to look for an Attendant before they start washing plus the service is only available during attended hours. Then the accounts have to be batched and posted at the end of each month. This is why most car wash owners do not have business customer accounts - it is simply cumbersome or overwhelming.

The Key is to fully automate Car Wash Business Accounts

Car wash operators find that the key to successfully managing all of the details of a business accounts operation lies in using technology to automate the busy work of administration. Wash owners have reported significant improvements in their business customer account business once they were able to provide a detailed invoice with complete wash transaction data.

This opens your potential business customer accounts to all government and business accounts 24/7/365 plus you can service the businesses that operate all hours of the day e.g. security firms, taxis, couriers.

What would an extra $5,000 or $10,000 in sales a month do for your bottom line?

The Benefits of WashCard’s Automated Business Accounts

All of your car wash equipment can be equipped for automatic recording of business account purchases irrespective of the manufacturer or model of the equipment. Some key benefits for the car wash owner are:

  • Simply operated by magnetic stripe card issued to drivers
  • Pre-paid or post-paid accounts
  • Unlimited customisation to tailor to individual customer needs
  • Automatic recording of date, time, wash bay, card used, amount spent
  • Full audit trails per account, per card holder and per card.
  • Credit limit settings automatically suspend purchases
  • Win Government and large business with purchase order recording
  • Automatic emailing of tax invoice transaction statements
  • Minimal administration with full account management

Car Wash Business Account customer benefits:

  • Multiple card holders per account
  • Purchase order recording, if required
  • Restrict day and time-of-day access
  • Restrict car wash service by card
  • Set maximum individual transaction limit
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly spending limit
  • Full audit trail
  • Secure online access
  • The ability to make online payment
  • Eliminates petty cash, staff reimbursement and the security risk accompanied with tokens
For more information on how to increase your car wash sales through WashCard Systems car wash credit card acceptance:

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