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Most New Car Wash Developers Make This Mistake

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Building a New Car Wash Needs Takes a Lot of Planning!

This is an exciting time when building a new car wash. It looks like such a simple business. However, after you find the land and finally get local council approval there is a massive learning curve and hundreds of decisions to make.

There is the building design, power supply and plumbing. Which automatic car wash type and manufacturer is suitable for the local area demographics,  what car wash entry system will suit my needs best, does the self-serve car wash equipment have all the options I need, do I choose single or multiple service car wash vacuums, should I choose manual or electronic vending, which dog washes work the best.  I need a note change machine as well?

Do I choose a piston air compressor or screw air compressor. Then there is the water softener and car wash reverse osmosis machine. Then finding a proven and reliable car wash reclaim system is a challenge.

And you hear yourself saying ‘Well that all cost a lot more than I planned for!’

No wonder you forget about the car wash marketing system!

No wonder you forget about the car wash marketing system!

You are in the process of investing upwards of $2,000,000 or more to build this car wash, however most likely have not given a single thought about how you are going to attract and keep customers. You probably have not even realised that there are different types of car wash customers – private customers, government accounts, large business accounts, customers who wash more frequently such as real estate agents and security.

Essential Marketing Tools You Need To Build a Strong Car Wash Customer Base!

Are you going to only accept cash, are you going to accept credit card for payment? Will you put credit card on only the automatic wash and neglect the self-serve side of your business – the other 40%-60% of your business? Will you be using a physical card system that will outdate over the next few years or will you install a Pay By Mobile Phone method of accepting credit cards to meet the preferred payment method of the younger generation plus have a physical card acceptance system for your older customers?

Loyal customers are the backbone to any car wash business because they return time and again. The more loyal customers are to your wash and the more frequent they wash their vehicles the more profit your car wash makes. So it makes sense to incorporate a Customer loyalty program that supports all your car wash services including automatic wash, self-serve bays, vacuums and dog washes.​

How are you going to manage your car wash business customers – are you going to issue them with tokens, manually record when they use the automatic car wash, the self-serve and vacuums and have the driver sign for the wash, or are you going to use a fully automated car wash specific business account system that records every transaction and automatically emails statements?

Have you heard of the automated RFID Car Wash Monthly Subscription program that increases sales and profit by up to 600% per Member and eliminates the troughs caused by seasonal holidays and rainy weather? Gee, nobody told you that rainy weather devastates your car wash sales unless you have monthly subscription program and business accounts!

Save yourself heaps of pain in the future, investigate Your Car Wash Marketing System NOW!

The Benefits of WashCard Car Wash Marketing System

WashCard Systems invented the card acceptance system for car washes in 1990. WashCard is not one of those companies that develop something, sell it to you then stop developing the system. WashCard Systems is continually evolving the WashCard System. With over 26 years of development WashCard has become the most solid and sturdy platform car wash owners have come to depend on. Some key benefits for the car wash owner are:

  • One marketing system for all car wash services – from the automatic wash to the dog wash
  • Works with all car wash equipment manufacturer models so you can unite all your car wash services under the one modern marketing system
  • Complete suite of automated marketing programs - credit card acceptance, pay by mobile phone, business car wash accounts, monthly car wash subscriptions, customer loyalty
  • Web based administration so you don’t have to be on site to manage
  • Comprehensive range of reports
  • Fully customisable to meet all your needs and all your customer needs
  • Fully expandable system with unlimited customers, cards and subscriptions
  • Complete audit trail of events and transactions
  • Online sales and marketing
  • And more……..
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