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No Other Manufacturer is Offering this to the Self-Serve Car Wash Industry

WashCard’s BayStation is loaded with New Features

  • Accept coins, credit card, loyalty cards, notes, and mobile phone payments
  • Internal Theft Alarm System
  • Attendant access recording
  • Advanced cash collection and auditing
  • Up to 12 services
  • Individual service pricing
  • Different rates for different payment types
  • Remote activation – activate remotely via the internet and resolve customer service issues from anywhere
  • Mobile phone activation
  • Promotion reporting
  • Full audit trail for cash and card services
  • Use your coin vault or built in cash box

Features Unseen Before

Choose your customer payment configuration

  • Card, coin, notes and mobile phone
  • Card, notes and mobile phone
  • Card, coin and mobile phone
7” full color LCD - protected display

  • A colorful 7” screen to guide your customers through transactions, multiple payment options, including mobile payments and multiple price point promo options make the baystation a great draw and asset for your business.
Advanced cash collection & auditing

  • Secure cash collection requires employee to use card in service mode to collect money without tripping the Theft Alert system.
  • Can connect to existing alarm system if they have one. Can send a text to let owner know someone is in the cash side of the Bay Station.
Attendant and maintenance access records

  • Security procedure to open cash area
  • Records audit history file for every time registered attendant accesses the bay station cash area.
Remote Access via smart phone

  • Activate services for customers via the internet remotely from anywhere
  • Minimize the necessity to pay out refunds
Wireless WashCard communication

  • Means cable run to bays from the plant room for the WashCard terminal
  • Hardwire to plant room wash system as per other meter boxes
Mobile Phone Activation for payment by credit card

  • Pay by Phone allows your customers to create a personal account and pay for their washes by credit card or loyalty accounts!
  • Reach your audience through social media.
  • Your customers will be able to turn on the wash of their choice by selecting the wash service they'd like to use and using their phone to activate it!
  • Accounts can be easily accessed by linking them to their Facebook or Google+ login for ease of use.
  • Not only can your customers use Facebook and Google+ to sign in, but your business can push promotions on social media pages to your customers by creating codes that can be used to access discounted services or free washes!
  • Give your customers special pricing for buying more time!  Set up packages that give customers more bang for their buck as they select more time on the services.  Combine with promo codes to set up discounted value packages with even more savings!
Control up to 12 services

  • Control up to 12 in bay services
  • The more services you offer the longer customers will stay in the bay
Individually priced services – not just one price per service

  • If you have a service that cost more you can now charge more for that one service.
  • For example, set special services such as underbody wash or for more expensive chemicals.
Different rates for different payment types

  • You can charge a different rate for credit card or loyalty customers – different from the cash customers rate.
Payment type reporting

  • Reporting sales transactions to the cent for card, and cash purchases
Promotional reporting

  • For example, run a discounted promotion on Wax for a week and then look at the reports to see if people tried it and do they keep using it after the price goes back up.
Coin Validator Options

  • Slugbuster III
  • IDX
  • Microcoin QL


Other features

  • PCIDSS compliance
  • MEI Note Validator
  • Custom graphic decal
  • High strength stainless steel enclosure
  • High security Medico locks
  • Separate faceplates for card and cash section for extra strength and added security
  • Dimensions – with both note and coin options
    • Cabinet Width: 20”
    • Cabinet Height: 16”
    • Cabinet Depth: 8”