Washcard Driving the 5 Car Wash Growth Strategies

  1. When customers pay by credit card they tend to spend more money because they are not parting with physical cash. Plus in the self-serve bays and vacuums timers can be set to count up so there is no ’time limit’ to clean their vehicle.
  2. Pay By Phone also allows customers to pay by credit card. The advantage for the customer is that it is quick, easy and fast becoming their preferred method for purchasing everything. The advantage for the Car Wash Owner is that you don’t know their names or contact details of your credit card and cash paying customers. Pay By Phone collects customer names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers so you can contact them by email, text or phone call. This keeps your car wash name at the top of their minds plus you can offer incentives to return more often or refer friends. You can also program upsell incentives for customers to spend more. For example, in the self-serve bay offer a - spend $4 get $4 of time, spend $7 get $8 of time, spend $10 get $12 of time.

  3. Business Car Wash Accounts are one of the most regular car wash users you can have as customers because they wash more frequently to maintain their business image. WashCard System’s Business Customer Account program is an electronic, fully automated and totally auditable transaction tracking system. There are options to assign purchase orders (great for Government & bigger business customers), restrict access times and the services to drivers and even set daily and other spend limits. This gives Business Customer confidence that they are not being defrauded as they can be with car wash tokens. The ability for drivers to use the wash 24/7/365 for the Business Accounts when Attendants are not on site increases the sales revenues from each customers.

  4. The WashPass program is an RFID monthly car wash subscription program that automates recurring monthly customers billing and brings increased regular income and minimises the troughs caused by periods of inclement weather. Income from individual Members increase by up to 6 times because it changes their behaviour of washing from once every three to five months to multiple times each month.

  5. The Customer Loyalty Program is a ‘real’ incentive program entirely different from the ‘Frequent Flyer’ and Supermarket points program as the rewards are actual dollars. This program helps to minimise losses by incentivising more frequent wash use, offering clubs, charities and other fundraising organisations a simple method to raise funds by incentivising their Members to use your car wash, commission program where you can JV with other business to sell car washes on your behalf. Promotional codes can be offered to the public to attract new customer business.



​​WashCard System’s sole business is focused 100% on developing car wash marketing systems.  It is not like an ad-on like the major manufacturers offer in the hope to sell more car wash machines. That is why WashCard Systems is the leader in the industry, have the most systems in the car wash market place, and now have 26 years in the business.

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