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Customer Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program for All Your Car Wash Customers!

Help Self-Serve, Vacuum and Dog Wash Customers be Loyal to You!

Stop Neglecting 40% to 60% of Your Customers!

Loyal customers are the backbone to any car wash business because they return time and again. The more loyal customers are to your wash and the more frequent they wash their vehicles the more profit your car wash makes. So it makes sense to increase the number of loyal customers.

And you most probably are doing that now with your automatic car wash customers. But what do you do to help your self-serve wash, vacuum and dog wash customers be more loyal to you? Why are you neglecting 40% to 60% of your car wash customer base?

Ten years of data from the car wash industry is conclusive– customers will use a card program when they have the option to save a couple bucks by paying with cash or their credit card. When it comes to loyalty programs, technology is a friend - the days of the paper card based Frequent Wash have passed. Today’s customers expect the businesses they frequent to provide an electronically automated loyalty card system. So if you can offer your car wash customers, and your competitor car wash customers, easy to manage incentives, your car wash profits will soar.

The Benefits of WashCard’s Customer Loyalty Program

WashCard Systems invented the electronically automated customer loyalty system in 1991 – that’s over 25 years ago - and has perfected a solid and sturdy platform to manage your customer loyalty program

WashCard’s Customer Loyalty program is a pre-paid program where you collect payment up front. Some key offers the car wash owner can instigate are:

  • For individuals, family or small business accounts with multiple users
  • Unlimited customisation to individual customer needs
  • Automatic email ‘low balance’ reminders
  • Automatic recording of date, time, wash bay, card used, amount spent
  • Automatic emailing of tax invoice transaction statements
  • Birthday wash - who doesn’t love free things on their birthday? This is a simple promotion to give annual gifts to your loyal customers.
  • Time of day promotions - set up the software to automatically change pricing for your wash at any specific time during the day or week. This can be set for the entire day, or for an hour. You choose. This allows you to draw in customers when time periods might be slow or you simply want to offer a discount during certain periods.
  • Assignable promotions - create a variety of custom promotions which you can easily track and manage. Build a larger customer base with increased loyalty and future visits.
  • Direct Mail / Email Marketing - WashCard compiles a list of your registered customers for you which you can use to send targeted marketing emails.
  • Monthly usage bonus - Reward your loyal customers monthly by giving them credits for using your wash regularly. You set the minimum and bonus percentage and let the system do the rest.
  • Charity fundraising - support your customers causes and create repeat business. Track usage and create residual payments to organizations of your choice.
  • Organisations - track and report your promotions or charity giving and evaluate the effectiveness of them. This is often used with charities for fundraising.

WashCard Business Loyalty Program:

  • Features as above plus
  • B2B / Fleet Program. This tool allows you to easily manage and maintain fleet accounts. It also puts the power into the fleet managers’ hands. Operators customise each Business Account Customer user accounts, receipts for invoicing, discounts and time usage schedules. The account manager can oversee all usage at the wash creating significant time and cost savings not only for them, but for you too.
  • Credit limits – automatically stops transactions until account payment is made.
  • Automatic tax invoicing – make life easier for yourself and your fleet customers by providing automated GST compliant tax invoicing. Our software will automatically track and bill your fleet customer at a set time of every month. Simply set up the invoice period and let the software take care of the rest.
  • For more information click Business Car Wash Accounts

Plus WashCard Systems offers two methods of car wash customer loyalty:




For more information on how to increase your car wash sales through WashCard Systems car wash customer loyalty program:

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